Wave Angels

🧳 Intesa Sanpaolo
🧳 One Ocean Foundation

The only educational programme that brings into the classroom the emerging careers of Blue Economy, starting from ocean sustainability.

With Wave Angels, the WeSchool educational programme in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo and One Ocean Foundation, we turned more than 1.000 students into naval engineers, oceanographers, and marine biologists.


Through a Role Play activity and innovative teaching methodologies, students took part in a very important mission. The goal? Rescue the oceans and safeguard marine biodiversity, thanks to their innovative startup.

An ocean of opportunities

Thanks to the stories and the experience of the ambassadors of One Ocean Foundation, students explored the problems and the opportunities that Blue Economy brings: from the companies’ environmental impact to the emerging careers.

A compass for future careers

Oceanographers, naval engineers, marine biologists: students put themselves in the shoes of Blue Economy professionals for a week, with the goal of making their made-up startup truly sustainable.

Soft skills, coming up!

From teamwork to leadership, from problem solving to creativity: students developed many different soft skills, learning how to apply them in the working world through a Role Play activity.

To Barcellona with UNESCO

What sustainability goals have been achieved, and what are still missing?
Students who presented the best project works won a trip to Barcellona, to join the Ocean Decade Conference, a three-day event promoted by UNESCO and devoted to the topics of the Blue Economy and ocean sustainability.

“The programme was planned in a very satisfying way, both content–wise and organization-wise”
Francesca F.
“This programme highlighted the importance of teamwork. Each one of us contributed with different skills and perspectives, in order to face challenges with creativity and determination. Working together was stimulating and rewarding.”
Flavio B.


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