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Imagining the sports of the future at school with the help of a paralympic champion

Sport4Change is an educational programme created by the WeSchool team in partnership with Nike and the inclusivity-driven project Bebe Vio Academy.


From sitting volleyball to blind football: The programme is designed to step up the game and spread a more inclusive environment into the schools with team sports, by making students explore, experience, and finally create their own paralympic sports! 

Game plan

Collaborating with sports specialists and experts of inclusion, such as the coach of the paralympic champion Bebe Vio, WeSchool’s instructional designers crafted dedicated learning materials and activities for teachers and students.

The programme consisted of 3 modules, covering an overview of paralympic sports and actionable tips to promote inclusion through team sports, by employing innovative teaching methods, such as the Universal Design for Learning.

Teachers engaged

Teachers were also able to benefit from a learning community on the WeSchool platform, a virtual space where they could exchange ideas, tips, and suggestions, and get feedback and help from WeSchool tutors.

The learning objective

The goal? Measuring the ability of the programme to foster inclusion and boost students’ creativity and critical thinking skills.

What’s the Bebe Vio Academy?

The Bebe Vio Academy is a social project founded by paralympic champion Bebe Vio with the aim of promoting inclusive sports amongst the younger generations.

The impact of Sport4Change
“It was a great experience, and I believe we were able to pass down these values to our students, hoping to make them better future citizens than us.”
Hear it from the teachers

From schools to paralympics

For their final Sport4Change project, students gave their best shots in a national contest: after investigating the existing paralympic sports, they had to come up with a proposal for a new one to put in place what they learned.

Also, students had to create a timeline of an existing paralympic athlete’s life, by browsing the web, collecting trustworthy information and details, and arranging them in a compelling way, to improve their critical thinking and creativity skills.

“Experiencing paralympic sports on my own skin made me understand how amazing inclusion is and the importance of team sports!”
Students speak out


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