2021 - 2022
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Close the gender gap at school with an Educational programme on financial literacy

Financial literacy begins at school with Save4Women, the Educational programme by WeSchool and UniCredit.

The ingredients of the programme? Educational videos, interactive quizzes, and lesson plans, to put to the test teachers’ knowledge on financial issues, and fight the gender gap starting from the school.

Becoming experts, with the experts’ help

Gaining the financial literacy skills needed to fight the gender gap is easier with the help of a professional. Irene Facheris is a gender studies’ Italian expert, and also the tutor of Save4Women videos, to help teachers and students dive right in!

From financial literacy to personal banking

1 Italian student out of 5 doesn’t have the basic skills to make informed financial decisions: Save4Women aims to improve students’ knowledge by training teachers and educators to speak about financial literacy at school and improve students’ financial skills.

Mind the gender gap

In Europe, a women earns 12,7% less than men on average. The best way to close the gender pay gap? Teaching female students the basics of financial literacy at school.

“Very useful! I’ve learnt many things I didn’t know about. At school we don’t speak enough about these topics and it’s important to raise awareness instead.”
Angelica G.
“Amazing lecture! I’m sure that students at school loved that, too, because it’s very relatable.”
Carmela C.


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