Piccoli Leader in Safety


The first educational programme that brings health and safety into the classroom with the help of digital tools and hands-on activities

Piccoli Leader in Safety is our educational programme, realized with the help of Fondazione LHS, to help the youngest generations to gain knowledge about health and safety, in an engaging way.


From hands-on activities to innovative teaching methodologies: students learn the ropes of health and safety, by identifying risky situations and behaviors.

Pen… paper, scissor

Through interactive games, students explore what danger everyday things might hide: balls, scissors, chairs, but also paper sheets or banana peels.

From traffic to school signs

Traffic signs… at school? Yes, but customized. Students create their own traffic signs to signal potential threats in the school environment. From warning signs to prohibitory signs: students explore their school spaces and identify the risks they should signal.

Piccoli Leader in Safety by numbers
“Thanks for this experience! The activities, the reflections and the observations done together helped our children – and us, too! – develop a more insightful perspective when it comes to health and safety!”
Barbara G.
Maestra di IV elementare
“Students asked us to devote more time to discuss this topic. They had fun in observing the school environment with different eyes”
Francesco L.
Primary school teacher


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