2020 - Ongoing
💼 Intesa Sanpaolo

A learning journey to explore the sustainable jobs of tomorrow at school

What if a student could role-play as a company CEO for a week?


What if a classroom could imagine futuristic solutions for the privacy issues the digital world faces today? What if we could address data sustainability open questions through engaging quests, interactive lessons, and dedicated projects?

Lessons from the future

Nope, this programme had nothing to do with the standard lectures. From AI risks to the Internet of Things: with Futurità, an educational journey in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo —one of Europe’s leading banks— teachers were able to bring the future of work into their classrooms through three specific challenges and interactive role-playing

An ongoing effort of change

Over 3 academic years, we reached nearly 3.500 students and 300 teachers, guiding them to discover new opportunities for a more sustainable and green future.

The impact of Futurità
“When students have the tools to choose their future, that's when they give their best.”

Life skills for tomorrow's work

The program’s final step? A hands-on project to directly experience future jobs. In groups, students decided to tackle one of the proposed projects, such as creating a data center, designing their dream office, initiating a fake news awareness campaign, rethinking city transportation, and establishing netiquette for their social network.

“I discovered there are various types of sustainability, not just the environmental one.”


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