Future Solvers

2022 - ongoing
💼 ESCP Business School

A digital escape room to unlock all the secrets of tomorrow’s sustainable marketing at school

What if the next innovative start-up was created at school? With Future Solvers, our educational programme developed in partnership with ESCP Business School, students will learn the ropes of sustainability, green marketing, and entrepreneurship


How? With a digital escape room dedicated to the topics of the programme: will students be able to solve all the riddles surrounding sustainable entrepreneurship and learn what is needed for a successful green start-up?

Peer Career Guidance

Students who take part in Future Solvers have an impact that goes beyond the learning programme: in groups, they craft an interactive content (a map, a digital escape room, a personality test…) to help their peers find their (professional) way.

Bootcamps for tomorrow’s professionals

ESCP ambassadors support Future Solvers’ students throughout the whole programme with 3 webinars, by providing tips for founding and managing a sustainable start-up and by helping students make their CVs future-proof

Future Solvers by numbers

Start-ups for a greener future

After founding their green start-up, it’s time for the students to create a marketing campaign to promote it! The best projects – selected by ESCP experts – will be presented during the closing event of Future Solvers.

“Even when my lecture was over, students kept playing with the digital escape room to solve all the riddles”
Paola S.
Teacher that participated in Future Solvers
“My students have explored the escape rooms and found them very engaging! They trained their critical thinking to solve all the riddles and they put to the test their own digital skills”
Teresa R.
Teacher that participated in Future Solvers


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