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Design your future

In FreeStyle, the future is all about images and words: students from all over Italy engaged with OVS professionals, discovering what it takes to restyle the future through the principles of Visual Design and Communication.

🎨 Visual Merchandiser for a day

How do you tell the story of an object without using words? What are visual hierarchies and graphic patterns? Where do you start when creating an impactful pitch?


From learning the basics of Visual Design to setting up a real set and participating in a national Debate Challenge: through the Learning by Doing methodology and FreeStyle activities, students discovered and (re)designed the skills of the future.

🔎 The future has never been closer

During 3 live events, 288 students interacted with 8 OVS professionals, discussing and exploring what’s next: from developing (visual) skill to career opportunities in Visual Merchandising, making the future even more within reach.

"I reflected on how life can change your plans and help you discover new skills in the workplace."
FreeStyle Student
"It was a great experience, it allowed me to challenge myself and revealed sides of me that I didn't know."
FreeStyle Student


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