Flipped Festival

2022 - ongoing
💼 Fondazione Vodafone Italia

The only educational programme that helps students learn the digital skills of the future… with a game!

With Flipped Festival, the educational programme of WeSchool in partnership with Fondazione Vodafone Italia, learning new soft and digital skills is all fun and especially games.

Soft skills for the future of work…

From writing a motivational letter to creating a social media marketing strategy: with Flipped Festival and the LV8 learning app, students trained their skills to be prepared for the future of work.

…and certified digital skills Gen Z-proof

Not only soft skills. With the LV8 app, students acquired digital skills, too, recognized by the European framework  DigComp 2.2. At the end of the programme, students gain 3 Open Badges, digital certificates recognized in the whole EU: to imagine their work future limitless.


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