2022 - ongoing
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Bridging the skill gap in the classroom with a programme where schools, universities and companies work side-by-side

#BuildYourFuture is an educational programme developed in collaboration with EY. The project focuses on the local opportunities offered by Southern Italy. From digital citizenship to entrepreneurial skills, students will discover how to showcase their strengths and address their weaknesses in both the professional and academic field in order to bridge the skill gap

Future-proof CVs from the past

The secret to crafting a successful CV? Imagine what trailblazing innovators throughout history might have included in their resumes! By collaborating in groups, students can identify the essential skills needed to make a meaningful impact and contribute to positive change in the world

From data to tales

Knowing how to analyze data is cool, but have you ever tried finding an engaging way to tell them? #BuildYourFuture equips students with tips and tricks to gather, interpret, and convey data in the most effective way possible

From local opportunities to future goals

EY ambassadors and university students from the ‘Politecnico di Bari’ mentor high school students, guiding them through all the possible options and opportunities that their territory offers, helping them choose the career path that best aligns with their interest and talent

“My students were truly enthusiastic! They asked a lot of questions to the ambassadors and got plenty of useful feedback on their project work. I would love to participate next year as well”
Emilia M.
Teacher that participated in #BuildYourFuture
“#BuildYourFuture guided us towards the working world and helped us reflect on our weaknesses and strengths”
Noemi C.
Student that participated in #BuildYourFuture


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