5G Smart School

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2021 - ongoing
💼 Qualcomm, Tim, Acer

Fighting learning loss at school with the help of Qualcomm, Tim, and Acer innovative technologies

5G Smart School is the first educational programme, developed by WeSchool with the support of Tim and Acer and funded by Qualcomm, that combines cutting-edge connectivity and technologies with innovative teaching methods. The goal? To make some selected schools truly future-proof, create digital learning environments, and fight the phenomenon of learning loss

From curricular activities to (virtually) real opportunities

Have you ever visited the Louvre? Or explored Tokyo? With 5G Smart School students can do all of this – and even more: all by sitting in the classroom. Teachers and students use innovative software and virtual reality to tackle curricular activities in ways they have never experienced before

Learning that lasts a lifetime

Not only new notions, with 5G Smart School students learn first and foremost new skills: hard and soft ones, such as coding, team work, problem solving, and digital skills. How? By combining new technologies with innovative teaching methods: Game-Based Learning with Co-Spaces, Cooperative Learning with Minecraft Education

5G Smart School by numbers

Time to STEM

Not only geography or art, but also STEM subjects. Students can take part in a Science Fair, create a nature documentary or elaborate quizzes based on the 2030 Agenda – all by using the tools and the software provided: virtual reality, Co–Spaces, and Minecraft Education

“Everybody was equal, everybody had something to give to the others. The skills they used during the programme were not the usual skills that you are asked to use in your daily life at school”
Enrica C.
Teacher that participated in 5G Smart School
“Some students created this mind-map for those who were dyslexic. So no dyslexic student felt left-out, they were part of the conversation. It went beyond collaboration, it went beyond teamwork!”
Chiara S.
Teacher that participated in 5G Smart School


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