Academic year 2022/23
💼 Fondazione CDP

The first Educational programme that brings sustainability into Southern Italy’s schools for picturing the cities of the future

Have you ever imagined how the city of the future will look like? Especially starting from your own environment? This is the core of STEMCity, our Educational programme realized with the help of Fondazione CDP, that involved 200 classes and more than 150 teachers from all over the South of Italy. The goal? To help Gen Z students design feasible sustainable solutions to improve their own local area.


Through innovative teaching methods and interactive assignments with Minecraft Education, students had to imagine first, and then design, the city of the future, describing it through a short documentary.

The impact of STEMCity
"It was a great training ground for my students. It allowed them to experience situations that often happen in a work environment, but in a safe space."
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