Ingredients for the future

Academic year 2021/2022
💼 Club Med

The first Educational programme for career guidance completely dedicated to Catering Institutes. To discover sustainability (also) in the kitchen.

Multiculturality, sustainability, and career guidance… in the kitchen? Yes, here are the ingredients of WeSchool and Club Med Educational programme Ingredients for the future:


➡️ 7 selected Catering Institutes

➡️ 5 regions

➡️ 1 gamebook

➡️ 3 Club Med ambassadors

➡️ 1 final challenge among all the participant classes


The outcome? The chance to enter the kitchens of a Club Med resort to find out what happens in a true cooking brigade and the company’s professional opportunities.

The impact of Ingredients for the future
"Our students were enthusiastic and interested in the project, thanks for this opportunity! Hear what experts had to say about working in the catering industry and understand through the gamebook how to introduce oneself during a job interview were things that caught our students’ attention and helped us teachers to dig deeper into some topics."
Hear it from the teachers


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