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May-September 2024
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Empower your students to combat misinformation and become savvy digital citizens with DoCHECK!

Our engaging educational programme,  co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU, aims to provide tools to students, parents and educators to recognise fake news, identify reliable sources of information, and foster critical thinking by means of educational resources in gamified and innovative formats and multilingual content.


DoCHECK! is a comprehensive educational initiative designed to address the growing challenge of misinformation among European youth aged 14-18. 


Through a structured methodological framework, we provide teachers, parents, and educators with the necessary resources to develop digital literacy, critical thinking, and media literacy skills in their students. 


Our programme focuses on hands-on learning, collaborative projects, gamified content and real-world applications, fostering critical thinking and preparing students to navigate the complexities of the digital age.

Main topics

Digital Literacy

Explore topics such as reliable online research and digital citizenship.

Critical Thinking

Engage in interactive discussions, case studies, and problem-solving activities.

Debunking fake news

Learn to evaluate sources correctly, and distinguish between fact and fiction.

1. Is the project free?

Yes, DoCHECK! is completely free for schools and teachers.

2. What support is available for teachers?

By taking part in DoCHECK! you’ll have ongoing support by WeSchool tutors and access to a learning community with other participants from all over Europe.

3. Where can I find all the educational resources?

You can find them both on the website and on the dedicated WeSchool community


Go to the website to find out more: 


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